Event description

Tampa Area Identifier Camp Expo

Date: TBA

Location: TBA (Tampa, FL)

The Tampa Area Identifier Basketball Expo is a gathering of experts, resources and information pertaining to Girls Basketball, Education, Health and Wellness! This event is for everyone involved in youth girls basketball. Mix in some Interactive Activities, Exhibitors, a Recruiting Seminar, Elite Camp, you have a fun and educational event for the entire family!

About:  The 2015 LPB Tampa Identifier Camp presented by TBA will invite approximately 150 girls basketball players from the 6th-11th grade to a two-day camp taking place TBA. Players will be invited to participate in the Tampa Camp based upon their performance in school district competitions over the course of the year.

It’s Not Just An Exhibit Booth - 

It’s an Experience

  Booths are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Priority will be given to sponsors for placement.

Basketball Club Expo Vendor Opportunities

  • Reach 2,000-4,000 participants interested in youth girls basketball
  • Receive media coverage by association with the Expo – before, during and after event.
  • Position themselves as leaders in the youth girls basketball industry.
  • Promote organizations mission of social responsibility.
Multiple vendor opportunities are available.
The Expo invites you to be a part of this experience through sponsorships and advertising. Each Expo is the perfect platform to position your company with multiple Sports, Educational, Health and Wellness entities and a vast targeted audience. Let’s work together to bring the maximum exposure to your basketball club while helping coaches, parents and student athletes find the resources they need to achieve all of their goals under one roof!